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NOV 14 5:00 PM CEST

3 ways to grow and scale video banking services

Learn from Pieter Boon (Head of Customer Success) and Roger Simpson (former HSBC & Barclays). Watch this best practice session on scaling out video banking to drive the highest business value.

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The way we bank has changed over the last years. Customer expectations are shifting from physical meetings at local branches to online, instant and personal conversations. Customers don't always want to visit their branch anymore when applying for a mortgage, discussing investments or insurance policies. Through video banking, they are able to talk to their trusted advisors from just about anywhere in just 1 click.

Ever since the term 'video banking' was coined in 2005, it has evolved from a cost-saving initiative to true competitive advantage. Join this webinar to learn how to move past the pilot phase and drive highest business value with video banking.

What you’ll learn from this webinar:

  • What drives banks these days to implement this new channel now?
  • What are the use cases for video banking that drive highest business value? 
  • 3 ways how other banks have scaled video banking across the organisation

This webinar about Video Banking starts by looking at the growing importance of video in banking and financial services. Followed by the different use cases that drive the highest business value. Next, we share some helpful tips on how to build a solid business case. Finally, the presenters share a framework on how to implement video banking and embed this across the organization.


About the presenters

Pieter Boon
Head of Customer Success | 24sessions

Pieter heads the Customer Success team at 24sessions and advises financial service providers on implementing video calling to meet set KPIs and business goals. 

Roger Simpson
Video Banking Expert | ex-HSBC & Barclays

Roger has implemented video banking services at Barclays and HSBC. As former Head of Multichannel, Roger understands how video banking fits in the omnichannel strategy of leading banks. 

Webinar details

Title: 3 strategies to grow & scale Video Banking 
Duration: 38 minutes 
Original live date: November 14, 2019

Download the recording

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