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Learn how video calling with customers is implemented on a wide range of industries. 


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How to bring your in-store experience online with live video

How can you offer retail customers personalized and qualified advice online? Learn first hand from multi-channel retail expert Michael Cheung how renowned retail companies such as Holland & Barrett  are integrating video calling within their digital customer journey.  



About the webinar

The boom in eCommerce and the acceleration of digital adoption are re-shaping the retail industry, which is now strongly defined by omni-channel experiences, personalized customer journeys and an increased demand for convenience. 

By adding video-calling technology to omni-channel Retail experiences, retailers are bridging the gap between their online and in-store experiences and strengthening their brand loyalty.

Have you ever wondered how to bring that in-store human touch into the digital world? How can you harness the power of video-calling to deliver next-level customer experiences online? And how to implement video call technology in a scalable way that fits your retail use case best?

Watch this on-demand webinar to find out the answers to these questions, and learn first-hand from Holland & Barrett’s experience with video-calling for retail advice.

What you’ll learn:

  • 4 different use cases in which retailers can leverage live video calling, and how to market the benefits 
  • Lessons learned from Holland & Barrett's video-calling implementation 
  • How to integrate video calling within your customer journey
  • Creating a compelling business case that drives results and better customer experience

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Meet Your Speakers

Desiree (1)-1
Desiree van Noord
Customer Success Manager | 24sessions

Desiree strategically helps and advises key enterprise customers on video calling adoption. She offers best practices to implement video calling software within their customer journeys in a way that aligns best with their business objectives and helps them succeed in their digital transformation.

Screenshot Michael Cheung Holland & Barrett UK
Michael Cheung
Strategic Multi-Channel eCommerce Consultant | Holland & Barrett

Michael has 25 years within professional services in the eCommerce sector delivering multi-channel growth consultancy, project management delivery, commercial account management, client success management and senior partnership account management.

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