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New: Conversational Analytics

Create automated reports through smart transcription, minimize risks across teams by using our compliance tracker and offer effective coaching through call analytics.   

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The Next Step in Video Banking

Conversational Analytics

24s Conversational Analytics empowers financial advisors to focus on what really matters: building the customer relationship. Not on boring admin jobs or time-consuming compliance tasks.

Smart Transcription

Automatically record and transcribe your video calls. So you can focus on your customer, not on which notes to write down.

Compliance Tracking

Keep track of the compliance of every video call. Automatically detect compliance topics that are discussed and flag topics that are not mentioned.

Call Analytics

Coach teams more effectively by focussing on most relevant conversations with highest or lowest satisfaction scores.

Video Banking E-book   

Customer expectations are shifting away from physical interactions in local branches towards online, instant and personal experiences. Video banking is the driving force, connecting customers and branches more effective than ever before.

How to leverage this new and emerging channel? Download our new E-Book on Video Banking, discover our learnings and the recipe for success. 

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